new pouch

this is my design.. i use red and black ,colors of love..

available on my etsy store..


at the weekend..

The weather was great here in Istanbul,on Saturday.. As a family we go to Uskudar,one of wonderful district of Istanbul..

There is a bazaar which has lots of fish benches..

i took the photo of this tickle shop, there are lots of kind tickles; tomato, pepper, bean, cucumber..etc.

Fresh fishes..

One of mosque, see the man who sells bagel(=simit) on his head..

mussel,ive never taste it..

And little gang,my husband and daughter..



This scarf had been knitted with a special yarn. yarn's name is "mulberry". Knitters call it like that,because of its type..

it is chic and elegant,also the colors are brillant..

Approximate Measurements,

lenght with tassel : 170cm -69inches.
width:18cm -3inches

You can wash 30°C and dry on flat place. No iron.

My mom made these scarves..

Ready for the shipping.

Red One,


little monkey with the big heart

This monkey had been maden for the valentine day.. it has a big heart.. the heart is removeable..
for the cute lovers,cute monkey..

available on my etsy store..


my first main treasury

dance of black and red.. i arrange the treasury list from isot ladies and est team members..