1. "Promise of Spring" bulletin board, 2. Marie's Garden, Lucky Four and Rustic Floral, 3. summer quilts-ready for a picnic, 4. John: on track with a plan

by the spring thin clothes are getting their places in closets, and i love every floral fabrics,linens when i see around.. they give me energy to live the day happily..
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Monday Moodboard

it is almost april and the weather is grey today.. so picked colorful things to wear and go out,of course in my mind:)
1. Je ne sais quoi by brownbunnybyiris
2. Strapless dress in light grey and floral print by ThongbaiTatong
3. Silk Diva felted necklace by fleurfatale
4. Big Funky Tote with Japanese Fabric by Starbags

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Creative Space

it has been 24 days after got an order and finally i finished them all..
look what did i crocheted,

5 Reindeer Birds
5 Valentine Birds
5 Bunny Birds
and 8 owls (4 grey 4 brown)
i love my birds but they will fly to their new house in these days..

having a custom order is fun but sometimes gives me stomachache and makes me nervous. "if i crochet and finished them in time?!" thanks God no problem had and finished all my orders..
now free as a bird:))

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suprise swap!

my lovely friend Pınar aka Toosis started a suprise swap activity.. for more info pls read.

i got my dragon fly earings yesterday,they are so cute.. i already have a dragon fly necklace,so they eill be a good pair!

my dear friend sent a suprise gift too, my daughter loved it soo much..

as you see,she wore it!:) thank you dear Pınar,

your gift will be in your hands in this week:) get ready!:))

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Etsy Finds

today is very busy for me.. postman rang the bell twice:p

look what did he bring to me?!

i love japanese little goodies too much, while searching for them i found a lovely shop on etsy, littleteethshop

she has adorable items.. when i saw that little sheep face post-it memo pad just baught it with the Sandwich cutter - Transportation vehicle (a birthday gift for my friend's son)

she is so nice, sent a free gift -bookmark- too.. very friendly shop owner, i highly recommended and want to shop again!

Annnnddddd my lovely tags arrived today too.. i love them a lot.. i advise this lovely shop Homegrowngems too..
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my creative space

these days i am crocheting more birds. i have an order list which contains 23 birds:)
these will be valentine birds ..
hehehe look at them how naked they are..
i have a list, and checked every finished bird.. tomorrow in the morning,maybe i can add that list too..

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new new

when i go out,always check my yarn shops for new yarns..

i finally found the light orange yarns,yay!

i want to take photos of my new yarns and my daughter want to be in the photo..

sat the cauge and grabbed all the yarns..
then yarns want to be free and run away from her:)

check her socks,different each other.. totally her choice,i am respectful! and if you can,see the drawing arts on her leg.. i guess she will love the tattoos-oh no God!-


me myself and I

1. clouds above my bed, 2. Have a Very Bokeh Christmas, 3. Day 351/365 - Photographobia, 4. GOOGLE-PRIVACY/, 5. Inquisitive child and water-feature, 6. christmas two thousand eight

this week FF is a challenge, there is a theme and it is about self portrait..
of course i am not bounded with that 6 thing, but a quick summery..

i am
- day dreamer.. and totally cute lover :)
- color lover,
- photography lover,
- internet surfer/lover or bug :)
- a bit inquisitive ,
- and impatient sometimes :) -no ,not pregnant:)-

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Natural European Finds

1.Natural Genuine Raw Baltic Amber by alatsupplies
2.Mountain river textile necklace by Fleurfatale
3.LouLou - unique women linen room shoes by Lalashoes
4. French Milled Grapefruit and Coconut Soap by UltimateOrganicSoap

today my monday moodboard contains natural finds.. to see more mms pls visit Fleurfatale's blog.
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1. schwäne, 2. Cadbury Yum, 3. A Little Bit Magical, 4. these are multi-purpose wings & when she's not flying they accessorize nicely with almost anything she wears~

sometimes want to be,
white as a swan..
or colorful as an Easter egg..
fairy as a dandeleon..
and pure as an angel..

there is no theme,just my faves...

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my daughter is 3 years old and her drawings are getting better each day.. her last drawing art is bugs. she is saying that,drawing a spider.. yet it looks like a sprider.. tiny legs, round eyes and rectangle mouth:)

now i am keeping this and some of other drawing to use them on my craft projects..

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Hello March!

WooHoooo! winter is over and Spring has came! we have sunny days for two days.. sun is givin energy to every creatures and
me :)

i am thinking springy in these days..

little busy bees are flying around. thinking of them.. how hardworking they are..
insprires me a lot..

couldn't help my self to crochet these little buddies..

they are friendly,fat and totally cute..

one of them sat on my palm and looked me in eye.. and give a big smile..

then met to other bee and two bumblebees talked about the flowers :)

i love them too much.. while crocheting them ,talked to them about how cutie they are and my hubby looked at me like "ohh she is getting more crazy" hehehe..

anyway i love my creastures.. Bumblebees are available in my shop!

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Lilyyella feauture