Egg Warmers

One of Etsy Australian Admin mailed me to get my egg warmers high pixel photos.. So i recrocheted and photographed them..

I made them in lime,pink,yellow,blue..  Every color is possible of course, i am open for custom orders.

They are so cheerful and cute for breakfast and especially for easter..




One of my friend gave birth 40days before and had a lovely daughter. She is her second child and says that she feels like more a mother,she knows what to do and everything is more easy for her when she compares with the first child of her.She is cute and little and lovely and pinky:) 

All saturday i organized the old clothes of my daughter. i picked somes to keep ,and the rest i packed for charity.I made this wall decoration hoop from my daughters old tshirt which has some holes on arm. Instead of throw away i made from  it a cute children room wall decoration art piece :)

Also i finished one my easter project too. I crocheted a mint bunny and will definitly be in shop soon. 

At sunday i was alone at home all day, made some iron and watched the Lost's episodes(yeah again) and had a sandwich for lunch. Lavas is a kind of bread made of water,salt,flour. i put some cheese and lettuce and green onion in it and voila! Easy and yummy..


DIY:Fake Terrarium

We some lovely friends ,meet in a month -or two- have great time ,talking,laughing,eating..

It was my term and i would like to make some suprises for my friends.  First i picked the theme as "woodland" and made lists of foods and decoration.. 

And also i preapared a little fake terrarium as place card-lets say it not card but kit-

My friends really liked it and also i gave the terrariums as a gift when they were living.

Today i want to share this idea with you,i hope you like it as my friends do.

 So lets make a fake terrarium together. It makes so joyful your room,i promise on that:)

What we need;
1.A jar -mine is from pasabahce brand,large one-
2.A piece of green yarn
3.A piece of jute rope
4. A quail egg
5.A mushroom miniature toy
6.A little chick :)

First place the yarns at the bottom of jar,

Then put the little cute pieces-egg,chick,mushroom- in it

Then a little rope on the top,also i added little dotted deco tape to make it more cute..

If you want to use it as a place kit,than you should add a tag which your guest's name should written on it. 
 -see the 2nd photo-


A baby girl shower

Yesterday  we some lovely friends,had an amazing babyshower party. 
Our friend Emel will have a baby girl in a month and we want to make her happy and cheerful at the rest of the  month till she get the baby have in her arms..

For more photos you can check my instagram.


Little lamb party cake..

Party Drink, Hibiscus Juice..

Sour cherry and kiwi pudings...

Sweet Sodas with cutie stickers...

Sweet Gifts..

Some more details,
Wishes,cookie,gift bags,balloons...


a bit fun

today i feel bored a bit and want to make my day more cheerful and here is the result..

i preapared a lunch for me but this lunch was special. It was made of just with yarns.

 i had pompom noodle to eat and yarn-pucchino to drink and i read a book while i was eating :) Red hearts on sticks are the flowers which made joy during the lunch..

i had quite fun times i guess i'll work on more these king of concepts


creative space

I rearranged my craft space yesterday and want to show the result. This is the first look when we go in details,nothing new. i'll try to write about the things up there..

the bird on the wall is a nursery gift..  from a friend's son's baby shower.
the white papers are family potraits:) drawen by my daughter.
the garland is one of  my design for the xmas trees as a bulb garland decoration.
you can see the ikea items easily and one of them is napkin holder  which i wrote about early post.
the purple basket contains my finished projects/items.
the flowered box contains little things,ribbons,decotapes,needles,safety eyes and more suppliess..
my bussiness cards,decotapes,a thank you card.
the afgan basket which i did and a journal under it.
and the on the center a jar which i designed for my visitors two months ago,i'll write about it later. :)

For more creative spaces visit here.


instead of..

At the weekend i bought this napkin holder from ikea. I totally fall in love with its creamy and rosey cuteness. 

When i came home see that it could also be use at magazine holder. I picked some of my favorite ones and placed them in it. I guess it looks sweet and inspiring so want to share the idea.

I know that some kind of web sites which called as ikeahack and shows different ways to use an ikea item.
if mine  counts, then it is here, taadaaa! :)

*still snowing here schools are off today couldnt express how we are happy ..


snowing snowing

Istanbul is so white, so fresh in these days. 
Today it has snowing in here. I dropped my kid to school then
it started..

i love winter i love snow so i am very happy right now!

A view from at my friends home.. 

and this photo was from noon when i walked to school to pick my kid.

I guess no need to tell that how much fun we had while we walked to home. yay for snow!


new baby

My friend Hatice, today had a lovely baby boy. His name will be Ibrahim Yusuf. I visited her after the surgery. She was great thanks God and the baby boy is so cute and lovely.

She preapared lots of suprises,chocolates,candies and jar of marmalades for the visitors.

And this lovely bird family was hanging on the hospital room door.

And also i made a garland for the baby's  nursery wall.
I hope she loves it:)


my creative space

i love cross stitch a lot but not good at making it on a linen. i use easiy ways to improve my crosss stitch skill. 

i found a free pattern which is so popular, keep calm and carry on and stitched it. 

Now i have two different colors keep calm carry on  stitched finished but now i should found a suitable frame for them.

i am thinkin about mint and pink rose combine for next  keep calm project :) or i should just stop making it and looking for new designs:)

Creative space game is alive,catch it!!


i love you a latte

Almost two days already passed. How were they? 
Unfortunately my hubby is sick and is 3 days off from work and stays at home to get heal. I am taking care of him, cooking soup,making herbal tea. I admit that it is hard to deal with a sick man :) :)

In my spare times before the new year,i crochet these lovely cups. I picked just three colors but my customers could pick any colors they want,they are all customizable.

I crocheted the cups first then crocheted the brown part which is latte part:)

Then i cut a little paper and wrote the cute quote "i love you a latte" . I do not remember where i heard it but also i crocheted this design early years of my etsy career. 

Now this cute design is alive..You can reach them at my shop.  I'm working on more valentine day gift ideas.
Keep in reading and following to be learn about new designs first!!



i hope this new year will bring ; happiness ,joy,health and peace. (but we know all that , these are just up to us!!)

i hope this year,
i can make that diet which i postpone everytime.
i can read more
i can think more
i can crochet more
i can design more
i can blog more...

Best wishes to all you too..