One of my friend gave birth 40days before and had a lovely daughter. She is her second child and says that she feels like more a mother,she knows what to do and everything is more easy for her when she compares with the first child of her.She is cute and little and lovely and pinky:) 

All saturday i organized the old clothes of my daughter. i picked somes to keep ,and the rest i packed for charity.I made this wall decoration hoop from my daughters old tshirt which has some holes on arm. Instead of throw away i made from  it a cute children room wall decoration art piece :)

Also i finished one my easter project too. I crocheted a mint bunny and will definitly be in shop soon. 

At sunday i was alone at home all day, made some iron and watched the Lost's episodes(yeah again) and had a sandwich for lunch. Lavas is a kind of bread made of water,salt,flour. i put some cheese and lettuce and green onion in it and voila! Easy and yummy..

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