i love you a latte

Almost two days already passed. How were they? 
Unfortunately my hubby is sick and is 3 days off from work and stays at home to get heal. I am taking care of him, cooking soup,making herbal tea. I admit that it is hard to deal with a sick man :) :)

In my spare times before the new year,i crochet these lovely cups. I picked just three colors but my customers could pick any colors they want,they are all customizable.

I crocheted the cups first then crocheted the brown part which is latte part:)

Then i cut a little paper and wrote the cute quote "i love you a latte" . I do not remember where i heard it but also i crocheted this design early years of my etsy career. 

Now this cute design is alive..You can reach them at my shop.  I'm working on more valentine day gift ideas.
Keep in reading and following to be learn about new designs first!!

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