creative space

I rearranged my craft space yesterday and want to show the result. This is the first look when we go in details,nothing new. i'll try to write about the things up there..

the bird on the wall is a nursery gift..  from a friend's son's baby shower.
the white papers are family potraits:) drawen by my daughter.
the garland is one of  my design for the xmas trees as a bulb garland decoration.
you can see the ikea items easily and one of them is napkin holder  which i wrote about early post.
the purple basket contains my finished projects/items.
the flowered box contains little things,ribbons,decotapes,needles,safety eyes and more suppliess..
my bussiness cards,decotapes,a thank you card.
the afgan basket which i did and a journal under it.
and the on the center a jar which i designed for my visitors two months ago,i'll write about it later. :)

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