little helper

when i go to kitchen ,my daughter always asks to help!
she really loves helping ad her favorite work is holding the kitchen mixer..
she is 3 and a half..

in this photo she is making something very Turkish , "cacik":) yoghurt,water,cucumber and garlic.. a kind of mezze/ayran..

yes she is not enough tall, a chair helps her to reach!

being at kitchen with her is really fun but we always have a messy area while working! :)



crocheted veggies are available!

oh.. it has been almost 2 months.. i missed my friends,etsy shop, blog and all the places in this world:)
i was staying at mom,my hubby was out of city for his work! we came home last saturday night!

i try to show more love to my blog,promise:)
anyway, happy to be here and wishing you a great week!

xx Sabahnur

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crocheted bride and groom couple! new at shop!

wedding season is just here and my birds turn to a bride and groom couple:))

they are really cute.. bride has a tulle bridal and pink mouth:)
groom has a little black bow tie..

they are available at my shop right now!

i am on a kind of vacation-staying at mom- but couldnt wait to share this lovely couple with you:)