work in progress

 i have an order about 10  moustache birds.. 

First i began with the bird bodies. Crocheted and filled.. They look like a ghost gang! :) Also  listed it on my shop as ghost bird!

Then crocheted the wings.. About 20 little wings.. They'll all stitch onto body.

And after finishing the crocheting part,i'll cut moustaches from felt and then will stitch them onto bird's faces..
i am already tired:) but stay in touch to see the results:D

happy sunday all..


new on shop

This green bird is new at my shop! so lovely green and fits so well on the christmas gift ideas.

 by your order i can add a loop on the top for using it as an ornament.

woodland bird:D



This lovely flower a gift.. Gift from my neighbour. She brought it in our first meet at my flat.
she is so kind. 

when it arrived it only had 2-3 blossoms. i put it on my kitchen to cheer me up!

today while preapering breakfeast i noticed the all the lovely blossoms.. it made my day.. so bright and pretty.

i love it  a lot.. All these gray and cold days, it makes the days more joyful :D

happy sunday all! 


christmas ornament

in these days on my creative space, i am thinking and working on for christmas items.. at least i made this ornament.
a red bird and heart..

for more our creative space click!


Valentine Day Gift Ideas: Crochet Hearts

i love crocheting hearts,colorful and cute.. like candy..

You can stitch them onto,

OR you can add them to your gifts and use them as package favor..

For any accosion you want!

For more colors pls check my shop!


Garland Idea

this is one of my new design for home! you can decorate your xmas tree,or wall with this sweet bulb garland.

a sweet and cute  ornament idea..