Amigurumi plush Monkey Toy

A monkey should also "must" be and i finally listed it in my shop..

i use brown and cream as original color but can be in blue orange pink or more..
up to imagination!

He is tall ,has a long tail,cute eyes and cheerful smile..
looking for his friends at my shop.

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My Creatice Space

Right now,i am thinking to "what should i crochet?"
i crocheted lots of animals
and still there are absent ones!

i draw some new things which i'll crochet in these days..
A dinosour and crocodile MUST be,because lots of people asking for!
and some fish or whale!:)
or some yummy things.. cookies,cakes,muffins,capecakes,vegetables..
list is full!

in may i have a break at my mom ,i am planing to make these all in there..

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Flickr Favorites: Hands

1. Celebrating Victory, 2. touch, 3. Prayers in the dark, 4. Tiny Hand

Hands are our top important piece of our body when we think about all the artistic things we do(our crafts,using laptops,cleaning...) in a way they are the language of our mind!

we should keep them warm,creamy and relaxed in some days, they can be tired too,just listen them!:))
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Monday Moodboard: Art

today i picked artful items.. i really like these items and their artists:)

1. only the sea by enchantedpond
2. Spring Ballet 2 / 7x8 by JKphotography
3. Beeeater Circle - Limited Edition Hand Coloured Gocco Print (Last One) by annarubyking
4. Mean - 5 - Mini art feeling by ArtMind

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23Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayrami


we are celebrating childrens day today in Turkey ,

which is INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY Originated in TURKEY, Recognized by UNICEF, as a gift to the children of the WORLD!

my daughter participited the painting fun which has organised by local municipality.

she painted and painted..
that is her art! she is 3 years old by the way!:)

the day is not over.. we are going to go zoo:)
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creative space

i am stitching in these days.. i copied my daughter's drawings and stitching them:)

i am not good at french knots:)

it is a spider as she says!:)

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Flickr Favorites

1. Bárcena Mayor en verano. Detalle, 2. finestra gerani, 3. Cat ,flowers and balcony, 4. Flowering balcony

in these days,colorful flowers are my faves.. but if they are on a balcony that is my passion!:)

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weekend report

at the weekend i was very creative and crafty:))

i sewed case of quilt and pillow and sheet.
theeen a new curtain..
a happy kiddo at the bed :)
her room looks like this at the moment. she is very happy about this changes..
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Amigurumi crocheted lion is the newest item of my shop..
This little guy crocheted with acrylic yan and stuffed with fiberfill

in orange and red.. so warm,so happy..

very cute toy, a toughtful gift and lovely home decor !

ohh the little love begging eyes!:)
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Etsy Finds: Balloons

i found these lovely items through Etsy,while searching the word "balloon"..

1. automne 4 by aliette
2. Penny Farthing Art Locket by heartworksbylori
3. The Red Balloon Ecofriendly Personalized Stationery - Set of 10 by Paperinstyle
4. Polar Bear with Pink and Red Balloon - Figurine by PearsonMaron
5. The hot air ballon pillow by atelierpompadour
6. Handmade Romantic Balloon Sleeved Mohair Shrug by reflectionsbyds

Happy healty and funny weekend to all!
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Creative Space

again a birdy place:) i have an order and working on it right now! a little chocolate helps me a lot:))

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spring chicks and Mother's Day Gift idea

i love crocheting birds, have i told you before?:)

while i was thinking about mothers day, to find a special item, this lovely mom and baby chic came out!. very special gift for mother's day..

then i couldnt help myself to crochet more little chicks..

first yellow one,said "hi"
then the most populer color purple,turned to a chick..

and my fave color cyan blue chick..

i do not have a nest but have a lovely packaging rope ,just like a nest:)

all these lovely chicks family available at my shop.


Creative Space

yesterday i was so creative. finished some of my projects and some of just waiting to come alive!
right now my creative space is just this.. i need some cleaning,and keep on crocheting which is not finished yet.

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