my creative space

in these days ,when the sun comes out, i try to take photo of my little animals.. today i had joyful times with my kitties..
they are in same pattern,grey and black kitties.. i had lots of fun while crochetinf them..

but i couldn't crochet a new thing , just thinking..
what sould i do for spring?
-new scrubbers??
or for easter?
- more bunnies,coasters..
couldn't find an answer:)

keep on thinking then..

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FF:colorful Pens

1. Color Select, 2. 3/365, 3. SUMMER COLORS, 4. Untitled

i love colorful pens too much.. also my daughter loves them too.. you can easily see her artful drawings everywhere of home:)

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Flickr Faves

1. ......then again, 2. zen garden- now with new improved whiteness, 3. cutting edge, 4. the red stuff

these collage is from only one person's photostream.. i am totally in love with these photos.. playing with the pieces.. how adorable and artful..
i really enjoy it, i wish you like it too

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Creative Space

last week i was talking about the new things and made it!
i made a new wall hanging..
i used linen,some cotton fabrics and felt..
i guess it is nice for the firs time:)

lovebirds on the wall under the tree..

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Flickr Favorites: Hedgehogs

1. Mabel, 2. pink hedgehog, 3. Hedgehog Pincushion Side, 4. tiny hedgehog with red berries

ohhh.. Hedgehogs are the one of cutest animals .. why i did not crochet a hedgehog before? .. actually i did,not a plush but a scrubber :)

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feautered on mhc

yay! my little bunny egg warmers featured on modern handmade children magazine..

this issue is really colorful and full of insprition for easter,spring..
thank you thecleverkitty to having me too:)

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My Creative Space

in these days i am cheking my fabrics. i want to make some new things-instead of crocheting- and want to improve my sewing techniques.. i'll begin with a little wall hoop decoration(some appliques). then an eco bag will come..

but my daughter and i get flue and not feel fine really.. i need some energy..

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Flickr Favorites:Yummy

1. Untitled, 2. chocolate scone, 3. Hi! I'm Yarnie! I will hold your favorite yarn!, 4. parsnips for tortilla de patatas

this time my faves are yummy things.. i found adorable photos from baking kings! especially cookie and carrots' owners accounts are great.. be careful because they are mouth watering..:)

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