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in these days ,when the sun comes out, i try to take photo of my little animals.. today i had joyful times with my kitties..
they are in same pattern,grey and black kitties.. i had lots of fun while crochetinf them..

but i couldn't crochet a new thing , just thinking..
what sould i do for spring?
-new scrubbers??
or for easter?
- more bunnies,coasters..
couldn't find an answer:)

keep on thinking then..

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8 yorum:

  1. A bunny would be nice! Have fun thinking xo

  2. you have some serious talent there, Sabahnur! :)

  3. i'd love to see a bunny. the kittens are so cute!

  4. so cute!! I wish I could crochet, but I just can't seem to get it right! I've just made a batch of sock chicks for easter and some bunnies too! Good luck!

  5. They are just gorgeous :) K

  6. they are divine. your work is lovely