Creative Space

for now,i keep my yarns like this. i know , i need a better and useful sth. but do not know what! just searching!:) i want to my yarns and want to divide them colors and types... any idea?

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Yay! at the weekend my monkey egg warmer little monkey made it to FP..

and my orange scarf was feautered on Storque!

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i am here with my weekend deal. You can get everything on houseware category in my ETSY shop with no shipping coast. yes, i'll pay it. Do not miss this! have a nice weekend to you all..
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creative space

not much look like a space but a decorative wooden wase.. it helps me a lot.. i put my crocheting objects or projects or yarns or needle,scissor.. it holds lots mess of mine:)
it is a gift and just not stay on the table. i put it on my works and life. it lives with me:))

for more creative space,pls visit kootoyoo's blog.
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in these day new projects are flying on my mind.. i am really happy to see that projects comes alive!

i crocheted new coasters, sunflower ,frog ,half kiwi fruit and half apple.. pls look at my shop for more coasters and housewares..

i am still crocheting new ones, so keep your eyes on me!
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flickr favorites

1. Craft corner, 2. inspiration wall in my sewing room, 3. Sugar*Sugar Studio, 4. Untitled

i need a space at home,for my yarns and toys.. so looking some creative craft spaces.. also the first photo inspires me a lot. i want that shelf too:) -ikea baby/children room shelf-

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Monday Moodboard

This is a game which EST members play,so i join for the first time:)

this morning we had a bad suprise, someone crashed our car which was parked in front of our apartment. the security called hubby for the crash and he is coming home right now... i've learned all them by my hubby's call.

and the weather is really grey in these days.. so need something to cheer me up,like rainbows or a good breakfeast or colorful collages:)

look at them,how happy they are..

1.Colorful fingerless gloves by Homelab
2.Set of 3 Wool Wrapped Stacking Bangles - Your Choice of Colours by mysticfibers
3.Vintage Hair Pins - Choose your one by Sumikoshop

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ready for the halloween

all the Halloween items and joy on ETSY,made me to think more and more for the Halloween.. i love thinking and drawing then crocheting something for a theme.. So lets explore,what did i list for Halloween on etsy..

1. Brown owl: he looks so cute so i need i scary one, the grey owl..

2. we need a monster ha?! here is the cutest one!:) soot sprite...

3. ooww we get hungry now,so lets eat an apple .. check out! be careful ,the little worm on it ,do not want to share its apple with us..

4. i want my egg warm so,pls put the ghost costume on it!:)

5. i could not think a halloween without a pumkin or a black cat..

for more and some candiess pls click:)
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These days i feel demotivated and do not know what to do.. i have lots of project to do but no energy and motivation to make them real..

So altough lots of houseworks to do, we went out to a nearer park with my daughter..

this is her new water cup:)

she jumped in the sand,and played played and played..

at least one of us made her day enjoyable..

after almost 1 hour,we came back home. and my daughter had her bath now she have to sleep..

then i'll clean the house and take new photo of my toys..

wishing happy and nice weekend to you :)
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Creative Space

this couge is my fave. i sit there and crochet all the pieces of my toys.. i have movable table there,on the right arm of cauge so it makes everything so comfortable:)
also everyplace in my house is creative space for me, because crocheting does not need a special table or sth. like that..

someday i take my yarn and hook,go to my daughter's room. she plays with her toys and i sit there and crochet.. i want to photograph and show my other creative spaces,too.

want to see more creative spaces , pls visit kootoyoo's blog
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