Monday Moodboard

This is a game which EST members play,so i join for the first time:)

this morning we had a bad suprise, someone crashed our car which was parked in front of our apartment. the security called hubby for the crash and he is coming home right now... i've learned all them by my hubby's call.

and the weather is really grey in these days.. so need something to cheer me up,like rainbows or a good breakfeast or colorful collages:)

look at them,how happy they are..

1.Colorful fingerless gloves by Homelab
2.Set of 3 Wool Wrapped Stacking Bangles - Your Choice of Colours by mysticfibers
3.Vintage Hair Pins - Choose your one by Sumikoshop

For more creaotions visit Fleurfatale's blog.
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14 yorum:

  1. They are so cool! Vibrant rainbows, perfect for a grey day. :)

  2. Oh such a bummer about the car :( hope insurance will pay!!
    Gorgeous mosaic!

  3. Oh what a pity with that car ... :(

  4. What a cheerful selection! Love the colors!!!

  5. Always good to see a rainbow!

  6. fantastic pick sabah!

  7. Luckily it's only material but it's such a nuisance to deal with it getting it all fixed!
    I love your happy mood though! ;)

  8. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your car. Those colors will definitely cheer you up!

  9. Beautiful colors!! Need those in a grey day!
    Many hugs and happy week!

  10. Geçmiş olsun Sabahnur! Gelen mala gelsin canınız sağolsun.

    Beautiful mosaic ! Perfect for a grey monday!

  11. colourful cheerful beauties like a rainbow