Yesterday i crocheted apples..

a half one for coaster and a big decoration object full apple..
i am thinking of making apple coaster series -set of 4- in red and green... but on monday we begin our holiday,i will not be around for a week..

sun beach and long sleep and rest:) hahha.. ilove holidays,who does not?'!:)
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Flickr Favorites

These are my shiney and happy summer colors collage.. it is the first post about flickr collage:) hope you like it..

you can find beautiful collages Artmind's blog..

By the way this week theme is PASTEL and i join with my " i love you a latte" crocheted cup. i crochet it for "father" or "him" or "valentine":)


EST Challenge:Audrey Hepburn

This will be my first challange,i am very excited:) The theme boss is Meltem,choose the "Audrey Hepburn" as a theme..

She is so stylish,chic ,beautiful and noble..
When i think of her, a black cat run in front of my eyes :)
And here it is.. It will take its place in my shop too,but first of all it is here:)
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beautiful summer days..

Today i was at mom for the breakfeast:)

my T made it to FP,so i couldn!t see it but lovely hearts on my second shop zerva made me happy when i came home..

Yesterday, with some friends,went to see little baby boy yasir on their home.. His mom-our friends- and grandmother prepared a beautiful table donated with lots of great delicious food on it..

the view of the table.. By the way pls look at the table cloth,it is all handmade cross stitch roses.. Really adorable,i want to make a table cloth like this but no time :)

Beautiful salads,beans cooked with olive oil,roasted drumsticks, pilav with almonds, pastry with mushroms..

All of them were delicious,my day was just great...


By the way i am crafting too, i have started to crochet a black cat for the new theme "Audrey Hepburn" for EST Challenge:)

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on sunday i was on fp with the beautiful other items.. as i mentioned before,zerva is my other shop..

T maker was sumikoshop,a friend from EST,

thank you sumi :)

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Last week we met on one of our friends home. we know each other through our blogs, we met several times before and we are just best friends now.

My friend Hatice, preapared lots of beautiful foods,cakes,pastry"börek-turkish-"salads ..etc. oohh and home made lemonade and of course Turkish tea:)

here is the view of her table..

pastry with cheese and dill

pastry with meat

trufs-cake balls covered with chocolate-

and lots of sweet cake and more.. when i saw the table i forgot to take photo much more:))
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about weekend

Saturday, i cleaned my kitchen i couldn't cook someting for dinner, thanks a lot to my hubby suggest to go out.

we live in Istanbul,very amazing city.. history,sea,sun... Summer was in the air..

We had a walk along the sea shore,Uskudar. My daughter want to jump the sea:) -i think she need a holiday too-

My two love and beautiful Istanbul..

Maiden tower,huby and daughter..

And today i packaged and shipped the weekend deal items.

i made three sale,all of them coasts paid the ETSY bill :))

by the way, it is monday and first day of the month. i am whishing great month to all and lots of sale..
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