about weekend

Saturday, i cleaned my kitchen i couldn't cook someting for dinner, thanks a lot to my hubby suggest to go out.

we live in Istanbul,very amazing city.. history,sea,sun... Summer was in the air..

We had a walk along the sea shore,Uskudar. My daughter want to jump the sea:) -i think she need a holiday too-

My two love and beautiful Istanbul..

Maiden tower,huby and daughter..

And today i packaged and shipped the weekend deal items.

i made three sale,all of them coasts paid the ETSY bill :))

by the way, it is monday and first day of the month. i am whishing great month to all and lots of sale..
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  1. So sweet! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I wish you a great month, too!

  2. Wonderful one of view of Istanbul! I hope this month will be wonderful for all of us!

  3. I hope this month gives a big chance. Lovely pic:))

  4. Wonderful pics! :) Best wishes to you too!

  5. Very romantic place to live--lovely!