beautiful summer days..

Today i was at mom for the breakfeast:)

my T made it to FP,so i couldn!t see it but lovely hearts on my second shop zerva made me happy when i came home..

Yesterday, with some friends,went to see little baby boy yasir on their home.. His mom-our friends- and grandmother prepared a beautiful table donated with lots of great delicious food on it..

the view of the table.. By the way pls look at the table cloth,it is all handmade cross stitch roses.. Really adorable,i want to make a table cloth like this but no time :)

Beautiful salads,beans cooked with olive oil,roasted drumsticks, pilav with almonds, pastry with mushroms..

All of them were delicious,my day was just great...


By the way i am crafting too, i have started to crochet a black cat for the new theme "Audrey Hepburn" for EST Challenge:)

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  1. this list was great! the colours and your selections congrats!!!
    ohh...i can see a roka salad?!?!?:)

  2. fairyland,thank you so much:)

    actually purslane salad with dried tomatoes,black olives,walnut:)

  3. wow that food !!! it looks so delicious !

  4. wow, that looks so yummie and so does your FP treasury!!!!

  5. Big congrats on the FP!
    Hmmm, yummy food! I'm hungry!
    I love your crochet work - can't wait to see the cat! :)

  6. That was a beautiful FP, congrats!
    And what a wonderful dinner table, so generous!


  7. Congrats on making it to the FP and what a delicious looking table!

  8. Congrats on the FP!!
    That food looks so yummy!

  9. kraplap,yeap they all were delicious:) Also my friend has a web site www.yemekzevki.net

    fleurfatale,thank you it was 4. FP:)

    Artmind,thanks a lot dear, i am really consider what it will look like. i am crocheting without pattern,all in my mind:)

    karuski,thank you,my friend and her mom are really good at keeping house..

    ingermaaike,thank you,wishing lots of FP and sale for us :)

    LeelaBijou,thanks last night i searched your shop beautiful jewelelry,some of them stole my heart:)