Weekend is Over!

Love weekends just every people on earth but really do not like sundays.. Do not know why -maybe the next day is monday- Anyway.. I always try to make weekends more liveable..  time sharing with family,cooking,reading,making to do lists,ironing and laundry and more houseworks..

Finally i begin to crochet new thing(!) for the shop.. Soon -i hope so- it!ll be here as finished and meeting you..

My daughter also made some artful  things.. Then put them all on the refrigerator as we can all see them..

We went the nearest park to when the sun was bright .. My kiddo had lots of joy,running climbing meeting new friends..

And late time bakery is done :) i cooked cake with dried grapes,hazelnutschocolate chips..

Oh and while grocery shopping my hubby and kiddo baught this flowers for me as a suprise... So lovely and cute flowers made me cheerful. But my kiddo want the flowers on her room then let her to have it there..

This photo is from today ,early morning. She is thinking that flower needs a giant  place to live in it ..


Nursery Decoration For Girls LOVE

One of my latest order was this lovely nursery wall hang. I really have fun while making this..
First i crocheted the little bee. Then cut the fabric.

Also cut  the L V E letters from paper then felt.

 Stitched the O letter as the way of the bee. Then stiched all the letters and  the bee. 

And the result.. 


Bees for Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Bride bee has a red bow on the head and groom has a cute moustache. They will come by the sticks also.

So cute and lovely couple ever. Look at her, she gives kisses to her man. They are available at my shop.