My creative space

3 works together! OMG what am i doing?! i get a custom order "camel". i have never crocheted before so i crochet and crochet adntry to catch cute and lovely shape.. i guess legs a bit long,right now..

then i think about blue birds with reindeer antennas:)

and then a snowman will be fine!-i have already crochet and sold,try to make stocking-

a bit busy my crative space these days..

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Flickr Favorites

1. balloon kids, 2. Eat fruits not junk!, 3. Oh, Deer! , 4. pinata cake

My lovely T made it to FP -also it is alive on FP right now- so very happy.. and want to celebrate this with ballons and cake..
the others?
my wishes!:)

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my creative space

i am crocheting as always but these days i am in the mood of new things-shop. i love fabrics and sewing so the concept is sewed items..

i have some japanese books,looking them everyday ,feel happy and excited:)

on the photo,you see my new item santa bird. does he need a hat? andd tha little purple thing is a chocolate:)) for inspiring more:p

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flickr favorites

this is my frog coasters. they made it to FP! and sold ! yay!

for the love of FP, today my flickr favorites are frogs:))

1. That's hell a lot of work to be done on a Thursday Harold !, 2. Frog =O, 3. Cute frog, 4. ok so a frog *can* be cute

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monday moodboard

1. twin diamondless' rings.., 2. hande bilten ring 8, 3. when i am working.. , 4. diamondless ring..

A lovely designer on etsy, her shops are so new and today i am in mood of introduce her beautiful jobs here:) Also she is my twiter friend we have funny times there at nights,hahaha:)

she has adorable talent,pls look at her rings.. and do not miss the clay shop.

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my first giveaway

if you would like to win these cuties pls join my giveaway at etsystaker.

i offer two items,
1.cute monkey egg cozy

Etsystalker will choose the winner among the comments on that post next Friday, 11/20. Good luck!
2.evileye coaster
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my creative space

again a colorful day.. i crochet coasters , and this yarns will be coasters too.. but also that fushia will be bird too :))
in these days, yarns are my best friends as usual..

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This winter season i added 3 scarves into my shop . Of course they are not just knitted scarves, i crocheted lovely and cute items and add them into the scarves. They became lovely,unique and joyful..

LEt's explore them.

1.My Little Zoo Scarf: knitted with %100 cotton white yarn, then i crocheted rabbit,donkey,frog and giraffe heads and stitched them.

2.Winter Time Scarf:knitted with %100 cotton red yarn, i crocheted snowmans and pine trees ,and stitched them.

3.Packman Scarf:knitted with %100 cotton black yarn,i colorful monsters and that round eatig budy:),then stitched onto scarf.

Does not your kiddo deserve these lovely and unique scarves???
yes they totally deserve! :)

pls visit my shop.

P.S: she is my daughter:)

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Flickr Favorites

it is almost chistmas,winter ..
i missed snow a lot,it is so sunny here just like summer days.. a bit snowy photo makes me happy too..

Joyful game we play hosting by Artmind, if you want see more fave pls look at her blog.
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creative space

this is my moviable table and as you see it has donated so colorfully:) this colorful things(!) are part of my new project,it has almost done just need to stitch and taking photographs.

i love colors and the black,they will meet in this project:)

can you guess,what it is?:)
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