my creative space

i am crocheting as always but these days i am in the mood of new things-shop. i love fabrics and sewing so the concept is sewed items..

i have some japanese books,looking them everyday ,feel happy and excited:)

on the photo,you see my new item santa bird. does he need a hat? andd tha little purple thing is a chocolate:)) for inspiring more:p

for more creative space pls visit kootoyoo's blog.
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8 yorum:

  1. Hehe, he looks mighty cute! :)

  2. Santa bird is very great idea Sabahnur:) Sen bana sürekli ilham veriyorsun arkadaşım:)

  3. Lovely work space..You are very talent.

  4. You are a true crufter. I love your work.

  5. Santa bird looks so cute :)