This winter season i added 3 scarves into my shop . Of course they are not just knitted scarves, i crocheted lovely and cute items and add them into the scarves. They became lovely,unique and joyful..

LEt's explore them.

1.My Little Zoo Scarf: knitted with %100 cotton white yarn, then i crocheted rabbit,donkey,frog and giraffe heads and stitched them.

2.Winter Time Scarf:knitted with %100 cotton red yarn, i crocheted snowmans and pine trees ,and stitched them.

3.Packman Scarf:knitted with %100 cotton black yarn,i colorful monsters and that round eatig budy:),then stitched onto scarf.

Does not your kiddo deserve these lovely and unique scarves???
yes they totally deserve! :)

pls visit my shop.

P.S: she is my daughter:)

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2 yorum:

  1. I just love the animal scarf!!

  2. Those scarves are so cute, and so are the children!