New Coasters:Bear and Cat

I crocheted two new coasters.  Cat and bear heads in modern look.

They both listed as set of 2 but you can get more on your checkout!

i caught this yarn and fall in love with it is so fallish just like burnt honey/ mustard..

Cat is in basic gray but thinking of black too as the Halloween decoration.

They both available at shop!


this moment

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 

Day 30 : Signs!

An abandoned apartment, i met while walking..

Patience Apartment No:78


So Far

 We went to Şile a suburb county about 60km away from Istanbul. We swimmed and had picnic at seaside. The weather was so hot but also windy.. Altough using sun cream we got red faces at the end of day : )

An ikea visit always makes us happy as family.  I was looking for a storage furniture (for my books and yarns) i guess i found but thinking on it.

Love these carpets  together..

Never tasted these jams before,any advice?

Love this corner a lot.

 Kites were flying up to sky at the  mall garden when we left the ikea.


this moment!

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. 


New at shop!

Thinking about for other colors too, red,green,white.. i already have red ones at shop but this is bigger one!


Harvest Time!

 This weekend we had to chance to harvest for figs and grapes in my dad's garden.Mom and dad out of city so they couldnt be able to take care of all fruits. We as sisters and brother met at moms and grabbed some fruits, made barbecue and had great time as a big family...

My brother climbed the tree,i was on the ladder.. But unfortunately we broke a very big branch during harvest. We are very sorry about it but thanks God we didnt hurt ourselves.

Some figs were too grown some were not. Some were more green so we didnt grab them. In a week they will be ready to grab.

There are two king of fig trees ,white and purple . We just grabbed whites.. Now my refrigerator full with figs and i couldnt find a reciepe for raw figs,there are tons of  dried fig receipes out there. Waiting for Tim's fresh fig receipes .. : )

And my favorite grapes.. They are delicious and smells beautiful. I am thinking to make some grape juice looking for receipe too.

 This is also another kind of grape.. Different then my fave ones,more bigger , these are also delicious too..

Me Myself and my hands ..

Harvest is the most beautiful therapy way for people who live in big citys. I felt great while touching the leaves ,holding branches and grabbing fruits.. Except fig milks,beware off them:)


just jumped in!

it is a game !In everyday of August we'll add the photos which is listed below! Today's is "books" just took the photo of a random corner of my messy book shelf!

Here is the link if you want to join!

Creative Space

Today i am working on an order, bees. yellow and black day today..  Also i have to crochet an apple leaf too.. 
We just had breakfast and on daily routine have to clean up the home +  laundry .. in summary of these i have lots of work to do..

Have  a nice day!


a pizza afternoon

 Today i went to post office early in the morning and hadnt chance to have breakfast. 
My daughter wanted to eat pizza  so while coming home we stepped by bread store to get  bread dough. It is easy way to cook pizza when you get the dough ready :)

There were not much pizza supplies at home but anyway we love to discover new tastes :) we used corn olive onion sausage tomato pepper and white cheese .

 Last shot before going to oven.

And the last piece ..


New items at shop

Hello monday
hello friends..

a new fresh week ahead and i am so happy  to announce some new items for my shop..

one is an order from a customer thanks to her to let me crochet a sun at the end! i am thinking on rainbow and clouds too. i have cloud in my shop but this time cloud without raindrops :)

and the other is candy set. i already crocheted them for portakal agacı magazine but just find time to list at my shop

Breaking Bad is Back!!

i am so happy :D


this moment

A Friday ritual inspired by SouleMama

Some Turkish delights and colorful candies are blinking at me!:)


i sewed a toy!!

Last night hubby and daughter went out the home and i had chance to live a spare time for myself.. But i didnt. Instead of lying back and watching something or surfing on internet i sewed a toy.

i am not good at finishing craft projects my muse is so weird. I  cutted this bunny shape from the fabric about 3 months before and just last night found time and my energy to sew it.

By the way i realize that i really deeply miss sewing. i am not good at sewing but try to be better :)

The light was not good for taking photo but i took some..

 By the day light took some too..

When my kid came home told her:"check your bed i have a surprise for you" she ran to her room and scream with happiness. She loved it hugged it ran to me hugged me (didnt see the sewing mistakes i did :D )

and now on it is her new bedtime friend with the old panda toy ..