colorful days..

Oh lala la! What a pleasure.. my apple is on the SCHOOL Gift guide..

in these days i am in colorful mood. Also addicted to crocheting birds.. i want to crochet lots of colorful birds.. Here is the first part...
fushia,blue,lime,orange birds.. Also finished three more birds too,they are in christmas colors,green ,red,white... couldnt list them,need to take photo..

birds make a group hug:)) this photo's muse is my lovely EST theme:) i love it with all the members who are kind,lovely and chatty:)

and this is my colorful T, from yesterday night! i love it too much:)

Have a great,happy and colorful weekend!
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happy as a kiddo:) My airplane was already in giftguide and now my "i love you a latte" cup is on the Gifts for DAD Guide!!
need some sale now!:)


big discount!

I offer %20 discount in my second shop. These cotton scarves are original,unique and OOAK! Turkish women wear this treaditional Turkish scarves in daily life..

The cotton scarfe's all around is stitched with the handmade needle lace edging. They are too thin and do not make sweat! Do not miss this discount!


Ladybug with French dots

This little guy crocheted for the EST Challenge theme "DOTS" which is hosted by Estella.. For other dots look at her lovely blog..

Lady bug is all natural,crocheted with cotton yarn and stuffed with wool!. You can stitch it on a hair band, or
on a brooch pin or just let your kid to play.. Here is the ladybug.


suprise gift

This morning i woke up by the door ring! that was postman! when he lived i open the box quickly and there.. my suprise gift from Pınar Sondal aka Toosis...

Toosis is one of my favorite artist in Etsy. She started a new thread and i've joined there. She randomly sends suprise gifts to commenters and i won the firts one!

if you want ,you can check the thread here.

I've already begin to use it...

Thanks a lot dear,that is awesome bracelet!


Flickr Favorites

1. Untitled, 2. Love Generator, 3. Untitled, 4. unloading...

there is no theme here, just from my faves :)

check out for more flickr favorites,on Artmind's blog!


beautiful saturday!

On saturday i and some of my friends invited to an other friend's house. if you read this blog before you can easily understand that we love visiting each other:) we are some lovely friends..

We had our lunch at the garden... Lots of beauties made our day very special..

Our drinks were in the chopper cup with ice cubes..

and beautifuul yellow flowers.. my friend bought these chopper cups from internet very cheaply. she likes decorating, very tasteful.

We had our cake and deserts after the lunch,they were all delicious...
later we had great time at the pool ,especially my daughter was very happy..
at the end of day when we leaving the house,my friend gave all of us, a full bag of vegetables from her garden.. that was awesome!



555 hearts! what a pleasure!
thanks ETSY,thanks sweethearts!
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holiday is over and now all houseworks done! i am really tired.. Having holiday is perfect but when it finished and returned the home,all works begin after that!

i couldn't count how many times i had loundry..
at least i washed the curtains and they are waiting for the iron:)

Before the holiday i was crocheting a new air plane -all natural- ,just left it without stitching .

finally i finished it, here it is,

the colors are navy,red,white... perfect gift for patriotic day!
By the way i am really luck my blue airplane is on gift guide for the second time...