new items for xmas

My reindeer bird family going wiser and wiser.. Two more member added already. Mustard and purple one.

And a new item red bird ornament!

happy shopping everyone!:D


Holiday Promotion

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Creative Space

i am a bit sad in these days, thanks god nothing about me or my family but my favorite yarns are out of sales.. this means my favorite items no more will be at the shop!

i'll look after new yarns for sure but i'll miss their softness and pale colors..:D

i crocheted my last bird with that yarn and a bit yarn left. then i crocheted a little bird.. Then added key charm and this little guy turn to a sweet little chick key charm.
i keep on doing this with the other left yarns and in these days my creative space will look like this:D

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Jellyfish hunting

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today i woke up a bit early. i have some orders to finish and also heard my door bell ringed-i guess it was dream:D-

i looked out of my window and i wasnt able to see clearly because of fog. it is still foggy and there is a traffic jam out there..

that fog ispired me about jellyfishes and today my monday moodboard about them. Pls check the lovely shops on first picture.

Also i am a bit in love about jellyfihes, and try to crochet in every color.. My first jellyfish was crocheted by grey batik yarn..

red one,


brown-orange in earth tones

and the pink one

When i find some time, i'll crochet green and blue ones too..
i love batik yarn and jellyfish, will somebody stop me!?


Creative Space

ohhh christmas.. is it early to think about that holiday season?'

today i baught 3 different colors ribbons.. Green,red,golden.. Thinking of new items and christmas items..

right now just thinking and dreaming..
little creatures,ribbons,rattles..

we will see later on!:D

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Creative Space

30 little bird brooches.. What a fun to make..

First i crocheted the birds, little eyes ,mouths and wings.. working on small things takes a looong time .. then added brooch pins to back of birds..

Later on,cutted the little hearts from felt sheets. That took a long time too:D Red,brown and white.. They all looked lovely together.. Maybe they looks lovely on making gift packages..

Stitched the hearts on to the bird chest and then all done! Little bird brooches would be gift for holiday..

The little bird brooch!

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