creative space

right now i am working on an elephant, he will be in teal color!
i love this color so much i am sure a little elephant will be perfect in this color!:D
for more cs pls vicit KootoYoo's blog.


Etsy Finds: Mustaches

i realize that mustaches are very populer on Etsy.. my little birds which is always turn a new character havent had mustache before!
After a bit working cutting and stiching...
And the result!

Mustached bird is available on my shop!

While searching through Etsy i found adorable mustaches as well..

The Guru - Mustache on a Stick

Mister Numbers - 5 x 7 Numbers Print in Gray

Whimsical mustache knuckle ring sterling silver


pickled peppers

yesterday my hubby called and asked me to make fish for dinner. Of course i said yes, and went to shopping!

first p.o visited then some dvd shops! (i baught coco chanel and cant wait to watch!:D)

later we found a fish shop and baught 1 kg "hamsi" which is small and shiney little fish from Black Sea. At that shop also there were some village vegetables as well.. also organic!

i bought half kg green pepper to make pickle!:D

i love pickled green peppers so much it is great match with Turkish foods at dinners.
Can't wait to taste it!:D


Halloween Bat Necklace in limited edition

"i need some new things on my shop" <-- while talking like this with lots of ideas ,some friends encorouged me to make them real.. -thanks girls:D-

After a supply searching and brainstorming , i baught new brooch pins , chain necklaces and hair bands..
in first step they are enough for me!:D

do you remember my bat bird? And now its necklace is available too..

i crocheted a smaller bat and stitched it onto metal chain! it was fun while working on it and i was really curious about the result! i like it at the end! look how it is cool!:D

wear it and be original at the party!:D


new Halloween home decor !

yes it is early for Halloween but some of my new creations are about for that day! when you think of the all the way from Turkey to your country it is not early so!:D

Here is my newest bird, Bat Bird..
has 9mm safety eyes and large wings.. Cool ha?!:)

Pumpkin coasters , for your table decoration..
they are crocheted by bamboo yarn.. Reusable and eco friendly..

And pumpkins.. For Cute and effective home decor!:)

They are all available on my shop right now!