Etsy Finds: Mustaches

i realize that mustaches are very populer on Etsy.. my little birds which is always turn a new character havent had mustache before!
After a bit working cutting and stiching...
And the result!

Mustached bird is available on my shop!

While searching through Etsy i found adorable mustaches as well..

The Guru - Mustache on a Stick

Mister Numbers - 5 x 7 Numbers Print in Gray

Whimsical mustache knuckle ring sterling silver

3 yorum:

  1. These are adorable! I love your birdie :)

  2. So cute! We did a mustache party (http://www.paisleyjade.com/2010/03/mustache-party_10.html) for my dad earlier this year and I can't believe how many people still search for how to make mustache cake and stumble across my blog!!