work in progress

 i have an order about 10  moustache birds.. 

First i began with the bird bodies. Crocheted and filled.. They look like a ghost gang! :) Also  listed it on my shop as ghost bird!

Then crocheted the wings.. About 20 little wings.. They'll all stitch onto body.

And after finishing the crocheting part,i'll cut moustaches from felt and then will stitch them onto bird's faces..
i am already tired:) but stay in touch to see the results:D

happy sunday all..


new on shop

This green bird is new at my shop! so lovely green and fits so well on the christmas gift ideas.

 by your order i can add a loop on the top for using it as an ornament.

woodland bird:D



This lovely flower a gift.. Gift from my neighbour. She brought it in our first meet at my flat.
she is so kind. 

when it arrived it only had 2-3 blossoms. i put it on my kitchen to cheer me up!

today while preapering breakfeast i noticed the all the lovely blossoms.. it made my day.. so bright and pretty.

i love it  a lot.. All these gray and cold days, it makes the days more joyful :D

happy sunday all! 


christmas ornament

in these days on my creative space, i am thinking and working on for christmas items.. at least i made this ornament.
a red bird and heart..

for more our creative space click!


Valentine Day Gift Ideas: Crochet Hearts

i love crocheting hearts,colorful and cute.. like candy..

You can stitch them onto,

OR you can add them to your gifts and use them as package favor..

For any accosion you want!

For more colors pls check my shop!


Garland Idea

this is one of my new design for home! you can decorate your xmas tree,or wall with this sweet bulb garland.

a sweet and cute  ornament idea..


smiling foxy

my newest doll. reddish orange cute fox.
have a big tail and funny face:) love it.

Available on my shop.


lala shoes

ohhh.. all of them mazing and cheerful.. love this artist a lot..

as she said:
I'm a trained industrial designer and an artisan at heart. I worked for many years in graphic design as an art director, first at a newspaper and then in advertising. During that time I also worked on various side projects such as set design, handmade paper production, children art education, and many more, big and small, widening my design experience.

I believe both functionality and beauty lie in simple and clear forms. I enjoy the process of searching for new shapes, of using natural materials for my designs, combining different textures, finding new color schemes.
Functionality, health, sustainability and aesthetics are my priorities.

Besides, designing something carefully and then producing it with your own hands is the best feeling in the world!

All LaLa! models and patterns are designed and produced by me, in my studio. For designing I use my sketchbooks, pens & pencils, and then a computer. I sew all the creations using my beloved old trusty metal sewing machine - an indestructible working horse with a delicate name (Rose).


bird garland

i love this 2d birds a lot and found a new way to show them. i use them as garland.

these colorful chicks amazing for any occasion. You can use them for parties,or just for decoration. maybe your kid's name, or party words like "happy birthday" "dance" "love" "peace"


etsy finds:Yoola

as she says;
"Hello ,

My name is Yael, I'm a professional industrial designer and a partner in a design firm called Baribua(.com).
My work demands a lot of creativity, but since all the work is done on the computer, it leaves my hands "starving". For many years I was looking for an era in which I could create my final designs in my own hands.

Naturally, I never really had the time to look for it. But then, luckily, life summoned me with a relocation period to Switzerland, not designing for a while, left me with a growing hunger which led me into taking a jewelry course. The course was a big success, I went back home by the end of the first day in ecstasy, I haven’t felt that way for a long time. I started carrying my sketch book with me everywhere, designing new pieces.
The reactions of my friends at the international... "

An amazing shop from amazing team Artisian Gallery Team.



i am totally fan of vintage dresses. And Etsy has lots of amazing vintage shops.

today i want to share one of my fave vintage shop Zwzzy who is also a friend of from EliteSixteen Team...

You can also find her here:

❀ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zwzzy
❀ Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Zwzzy
❀ Tumblr - http://zwzzy.tumblr.com
❀ Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/zwzzy/



Satin and Birch

An amazing shop from Etsy.. Can you believe that these amazing things are just soap?!!!

an other great artist from Artisans Gallery Team
i love a lot this shop and admire the skills of artist behind the shop..

From her profile,
"A little bit about me.
I am completely dedicated to this Shop, and to you.
I try very hard to make sure every order is as perfect as I can get it.
I did a lot of research and testing before I opened it.
I probably relate better to animals than humans,
but..... I think friendships are extremely important.

I will retire taking care of homeless and sick animals, and will always fight to keep animal neglect in the forefront of our community. Not just dogs and cats but all animals.
The ASPCA is donating funds to Japan's animal shelters


I don't have any animals now.
I love nature so much that people think I am weird. Yes I could hug a tree all day.
My son is the most important person in my life.

I work alone right now. I don't have a big production staff :)

My parents were very very talented Musicians.

I love Reno because of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and streams, and the family I have living here.
My family's advice and reason keep me whole.
Etsy is such a wonderful place, I consider this my second home.
You can enter my shop here

You can be sure that my soap is completely free of harmful ingredients.

• 100% Pure Glycerin or Melt and Pour Soap

• Hypo-Allergenic
• Non-Comonegenic
• No Animal Testing
• No Detergents
• No Surfactants
• No Alcohol
• No Sugar solutions
I am slow leaving feedback, My focus is always on my work so give me a nudge if you want it.
I have two shops Im waiting to open, one is going to be just whipped soap, called Savon Creme and the other is The Biege Page, a tribute to beautiful paper."


new bird family

one of my friend who is a birth photographer ask me to make these family chicks.. so crocheted and want to show them in a different way.draw a branch and put them on it. they look funny and cute..

she loved them too, and used them as a decoration the album book cover as seen on below!

she is so creative ,also i love the way she use them:D

to see more CS pls visit KootoYoo's blog.


Belle Amour Feauture

thank you