Satin and Birch

An amazing shop from Etsy.. Can you believe that these amazing things are just soap?!!!

an other great artist from Artisans Gallery Team
i love a lot this shop and admire the skills of artist behind the shop..

From her profile,
"A little bit about me.
I am completely dedicated to this Shop, and to you.
I try very hard to make sure every order is as perfect as I can get it.
I did a lot of research and testing before I opened it.
I probably relate better to animals than humans,
but..... I think friendships are extremely important.

I will retire taking care of homeless and sick animals, and will always fight to keep animal neglect in the forefront of our community. Not just dogs and cats but all animals.
The ASPCA is donating funds to Japan's animal shelters


I don't have any animals now.
I love nature so much that people think I am weird. Yes I could hug a tree all day.
My son is the most important person in my life.

I work alone right now. I don't have a big production staff :)

My parents were very very talented Musicians.

I love Reno because of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and streams, and the family I have living here.
My family's advice and reason keep me whole.
Etsy is such a wonderful place, I consider this my second home.
You can enter my shop here

You can be sure that my soap is completely free of harmful ingredients.

• 100% Pure Glycerin or Melt and Pour Soap

• Hypo-Allergenic
• Non-Comonegenic
• No Animal Testing
• No Detergents
• No Surfactants
• No Alcohol
• No Sugar solutions
I am slow leaving feedback, My focus is always on my work so give me a nudge if you want it.
I have two shops Im waiting to open, one is going to be just whipped soap, called Savon Creme and the other is The Biege Page, a tribute to beautiful paper."

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