a little holiday

at the weekend we went to nearest beach.. on the way beach my daughter draw the scene of sea funs..  hahha. how cute is this..

relaxing,swimming.. altough we spent 2 days it was great. 

Armutlu/Fıstıklı was the beach where we spent our weekend. closer to Istanbul and sweet holiday village.

Before the big and long holiday , it was just great.. 



which we love and eat a lot in these days.. 

which is me and my daughter:) she is 5,5years old and draw it for me for mothers day. it makes me cheerful everyday when i see it- on the refrigerator of course-


june is here

We havent feel sun on our bones for a long time.. in a day we had sun then it rained in tunder,blowing winds and lighting..  so weird weather we had lately in Istanbul.. 

And today it is shining,ohh yess.. Today seems to be so colorful so far it was.

today i had a yummy breakfast,

listed colorful coasters

And on afternoon going to visit a friend with the tabule salad which is so fresh with the mints in it and yummy for summer..

Cheerful weekend all!