monkey egg hat

have you seen my egg hats before?! i had really fun while crocheting them..
they are available on my etsy store.. pls check!

Eid is over and i had lots of work from the second day of it. i am very very tired. we painted all the house and the doors.. my hubby and i! and all the mess.. pifff.. it was really hard work..

now i really need some rest..
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1. exhausted, 2. Untitled, 3. Bokeh Dreams, 4. sleepy raver

My daughter wake up tooooo early this morning,and really want to that warm bed!! i couldnt think about any other things now!!:))

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i guess i should more often visit my blog..



1. lines, 2. Chicago Skyline - trailing storm clouds, 3. Whisper in the water, 4. Untitled

September is my month,because my birthday is on 6 september.. and the first rain of the month came last night.. i love fall and rains.. Also it has been ages i never get wet under the rain.. miss it.. soo my mosaic's theme is rain :)
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