amigurumi cow

as i mentioned before,here is my latest toy,cow.. i love it too much.. i am thinking of crocheting a bell for its neck:) i crocheted it for hardworking students,what a maddnesss:))

almost 3 weeks i won't be around,take care dear blog:))
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back to school

1. Back to School Dress for Blythe, 2. monograms, 3. Red apple, 4. 2009cards-29, 5. School house, 6. Back to School Sign

lots of cute items on flickr about back to school.. i just pick the newest ones! all of them inspires me.. right now i am crocheting a cow. in Turkey students call hardworking ones as "cow". do not know why,but they says:)) i was hardworking but never nicknamed as cow. i guess they are calling the one who doesnt think anything else homeworks or studying.. :) social ones except!:)
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wordless sunday

my cristmas birds,lovely joyful and happy.. available in my etsy shop!

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