fresh ice tea

Turkish black tea is from last night. I saved it at refrigerator all night and today i added some lemon sileces and fresh mint..

it is so fresh and cool taste for these hot days..


Homemade Turkish Delight

So very easy receipe is here..
Tonight i have guests for Iftar and i'll serve these after dinner with Turkish tea.

Sultan's Delight
Actually not  really looks like or tastes like a Turkish delight but it is close to.. No flour no butter.. And of course making it at home gets the bonus.

* 3 cups milk
* 7 tablespoon semolina
* 7 tablespoon sugar
* 1 package powder whipped cream
* Coconut powder

First take saucepan and put  milk, semolina and sugar in it. Cook it until boiling and taking a tough shape.
Let it get cooler.
When it cooled put the powder whipped cream in it and stir again with spoon.

Put some coconut powder on a tray,take a wallnut size piece from the saucepan and swirl in hand and then put it on the tray.(you can make your hands wet in this step) Make sure every delight covered with coconut powder. Then put an almond on the top.
It is ready..


French Cat and Bear

As i said before finally i finished two new big toys for the shop.

One is cute cat and the other is cute bear.

These guys are bigger than my other items more playful and original.

love the color combo mustard and black and white! Available!

i call it as french but it could be painter too :) Available!

For the love of amigurumi cuteness!!