lala shoes

ohhh.. all of them mazing and cheerful.. love this artist a lot..

as she said:
I'm a trained industrial designer and an artisan at heart. I worked for many years in graphic design as an art director, first at a newspaper and then in advertising. During that time I also worked on various side projects such as set design, handmade paper production, children art education, and many more, big and small, widening my design experience.

I believe both functionality and beauty lie in simple and clear forms. I enjoy the process of searching for new shapes, of using natural materials for my designs, combining different textures, finding new color schemes.
Functionality, health, sustainability and aesthetics are my priorities.

Besides, designing something carefully and then producing it with your own hands is the best feeling in the world!

All LaLa! models and patterns are designed and produced by me, in my studio. For designing I use my sketchbooks, pens & pencils, and then a computer. I sew all the creations using my beloved old trusty metal sewing machine - an indestructible working horse with a delicate name (Rose).

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