Jellyfish hunting

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today i woke up a bit early. i have some orders to finish and also heard my door bell ringed-i guess it was dream:D-

i looked out of my window and i wasnt able to see clearly because of fog. it is still foggy and there is a traffic jam out there..

that fog ispired me about jellyfishes and today my monday moodboard about them. Pls check the lovely shops on first picture.

Also i am a bit in love about jellyfihes, and try to crochet in every color.. My first jellyfish was crocheted by grey batik yarn..

red one,


brown-orange in earth tones

and the pink one

When i find some time, i'll crochet green and blue ones too..
i love batik yarn and jellyfish, will somebody stop me!?

15 yorum:

  1. I love the crochet jellyfish! Thanks for including mine in your MM :)

  2. Jellyfishes are so weird, I love to look at them, yours are cute and best of all you can touch them!

  3. I love your jellyfish... They are so cute...

  4. Hi, there is another fan of your jellyfish,here!:)
    Thank you for including my t-shirt in your MM

  5. Super cute jellyfishes!
    Thanks so much for featuring ours!

  6. All of them are cute!I love the pink one most!

  7. ha! great theme and creations! my mini-baby boy needs one me thinks...

  8. Beautiful sea life mosaic and I love your jellyfishes especially the purple one!

  9. I won't stop you cause they are gorgeous!

  10. Very cute all of them! Nice job and moodboard too!

  11. they are sweet but I am can´t help it I hate jellyfishes. These creepy little things that start hunting me as soon as I go into the water.. Well maybe they don´t but it feels like it. I have been scared of them since I was a kid.

  12. Great finds! Your Jellyfishes are soo cute! Have a nice monday/Eva