beautiful saturday!

On saturday i and some of my friends invited to an other friend's house. if you read this blog before you can easily understand that we love visiting each other:) we are some lovely friends..

We had our lunch at the garden... Lots of beauties made our day very special..

Our drinks were in the chopper cup with ice cubes..

and beautifuul yellow flowers.. my friend bought these chopper cups from internet very cheaply. she likes decorating, very tasteful.

We had our cake and deserts after the lunch,they were all delicious...
later we had great time at the pool ,especially my daughter was very happy..
at the end of day when we leaving the house,my friend gave all of us, a full bag of vegetables from her garden.. that was awesome!

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  1. This looks delicious. And so very beautiful done :)

  2. oooo fab love the watering can flower pot !!!! beautiful !!!!

  3. I can see that your Saturday really beautiful Sabah!:)

  4. Nice post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. must have been a great day!

  6. Wov,I want to be there because I love garden very much.