colorful days..

Oh lala la! What a pleasure.. my apple is on the SCHOOL Gift guide..

in these days i am in colorful mood. Also addicted to crocheting birds.. i want to crochet lots of colorful birds.. Here is the first part...
fushia,blue,lime,orange birds.. Also finished three more birds too,they are in christmas colors,green ,red,white... couldnt list them,need to take photo..

birds make a group hug:)) this photo's muse is my lovely EST theme:) i love it with all the members who are kind,lovely and chatty:)

and this is my colorful T, from yesterday night! i love it too much:)

Have a great,happy and colorful weekend!
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7 yorum:

  1. I love your T, too! And your toys are delightful!

  2. Dear Sabahnur, I love your new designs. Congrats on the Gift Guides. I hope you get the attation you deserve. The little colored birds hug picture is so darling cute:)

  3. Your birds are just too cute! And a big congrats on the giftguide feature!

  4. You make such cute and wonderful things! Congratulations on being in the gift guide!

  5. colors an crochet makes me happy! Your creations are beautiful! :)