Portakal Ağacı Magazine

Portakal Agaci is one of the very populer blog in Turkey for ten years. The owner of  blog Hatice is very talented friend of mine . She had written a book two years ago and now working on this magazine. This is so very fresh and lovely lifestyle magazine.

Also i had a chance to work for the first issue of it.
My daughter Zeynep Erva is holding the first issue how cheecky :)

P.A Mag. has decoration ideas in it too not just receipes.

 In 8-9 days we will celebrate the eid Ramadan so this is an idea for decorating your table or corners.. Giving handkerchieves to children is an old tradition in Turkish cultures..Ofcourse candies and Turkish delights are the most populer snacks during the eid..

Oh one of my pages, Ice'ing ideas for summer days..

Some beautiful cheesecake reciepes..

A cute table set up for kids for Ramadan Iftars

Napkin holding ,how to page.. My hands are populer than me :)

And my amigurumi candies.. 

It was a joy to work with i hope i had chance to work again on other issues.

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