Harvest Time!

 This weekend we had to chance to harvest for figs and grapes in my dad's garden.Mom and dad out of city so they couldnt be able to take care of all fruits. We as sisters and brother met at moms and grabbed some fruits, made barbecue and had great time as a big family...

My brother climbed the tree,i was on the ladder.. But unfortunately we broke a very big branch during harvest. We are very sorry about it but thanks God we didnt hurt ourselves.

Some figs were too grown some were not. Some were more green so we didnt grab them. In a week they will be ready to grab.

There are two king of fig trees ,white and purple . We just grabbed whites.. Now my refrigerator full with figs and i couldnt find a reciepe for raw figs,there are tons of  dried fig receipes out there. Waiting for Tim's fresh fig receipes .. : )

And my favorite grapes.. They are delicious and smells beautiful. I am thinking to make some grape juice looking for receipe too.

 This is also another kind of grape.. Different then my fave ones,more bigger , these are also delicious too..

Me Myself and my hands ..

Harvest is the most beautiful therapy way for people who live in big citys. I felt great while touching the leaves ,holding branches and grabbing fruits.. Except fig milks,beware off them:)

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  1. Mmmmm figs! The fresh ones are quite expensive in the Netherlands. I like to carve them in at the top, fill them with goats cheese, a bit of honey and bake them till the cheese is melted.

    1. thanks God here in Turkey it is not expensive. Thanks for the receipe :)

  2. Your post makes me wish I had a garden right now. I haven't met anyone who grew their own figs. They look beautiful!

    1. then we are lucky in here Turkey!
      i hope you could have a garden soon!