i sewed a toy!!

Last night hubby and daughter went out the home and i had chance to live a spare time for myself.. But i didnt. Instead of lying back and watching something or surfing on internet i sewed a toy.

i am not good at finishing craft projects my muse is so weird. I  cutted this bunny shape from the fabric about 3 months before and just last night found time and my energy to sew it.

By the way i realize that i really deeply miss sewing. i am not good at sewing but try to be better :)

The light was not good for taking photo but i took some..

 By the day light took some too..

When my kid came home told her:"check your bed i have a surprise for you" she ran to her room and scream with happiness. She loved it hugged it ran to me hugged me (didnt see the sewing mistakes i did :D )

and now on it is her new bedtime friend with the old panda toy ..

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