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this is my frog coasters. they made it to FP! and sold ! yay!

for the love of FP, today my flickr favorites are frogs:))

1. That's hell a lot of work to be done on a Thursday Harold !, 2. Frog =O, 3. Cute frog, 4. ok so a frog *can* be cute

for more flickr favorites pls visit Artmind's blog.
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12 yorum:

  1. wow adorable mosaic!!
    Congrats on FP and your sale!

  2. Oh, i love the Frog Kermit! :)

  3. Very cool glass frog down there!

  4. I love your coasters - they are so happy and fun! Yay for frogs and sales! :)

  5. These are wonderful choices - really made me smile. And, how do people make such amazing lampwork beads? I'm in awe - it's so cute!

  6. Congrats on FP and sales!! Your coasters are adorable!! Cute mosaic!!

  7. I am a big fan of Kermit, looove your collection!
    Grats with your FP!