ready for the halloween

all the Halloween items and joy on ETSY,made me to think more and more for the Halloween.. i love thinking and drawing then crocheting something for a theme.. So lets explore,what did i list for Halloween on etsy..

1. Brown owl: he looks so cute so i need i scary one, the grey owl..

2. we need a monster ha?! here is the cutest one!:) soot sprite...

3. ooww we get hungry now,so lets eat an apple .. check out! be careful ,the little worm on it ,do not want to share its apple with us..

4. i want my egg warm so,pls put the ghost costume on it!:)

5. i could not think a halloween without a pumkin or a black cat..

for more and some candiess pls click:)
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  1. Awww, your things are all so adorable and they will attract lots of little Halloweeners. :) You make Halloween looks very fun!

  2. So love your number 2 monster. :)