Creative Space

this couge is my fave. i sit there and crochet all the pieces of my toys.. i have movable table there,on the right arm of cauge so it makes everything so comfortable:)
also everyplace in my house is creative space for me, because crocheting does not need a special table or sth. like that..

someday i take my yarn and hook,go to my daughter's room. she plays with her toys and i sit there and crochet.. i want to photograph and show my other creative spaces,too.

want to see more creative spaces , pls visit kootoyoo's blog
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6 yorum:

  1. what a lovely creative space :) Love the light on your pic!

  2. oh that is a very good thing about your work, you can take it everywhere!! beautiful!

  3. That's so lovely - the sun coming in through the window looks great :) K

  4. That is great! You can work whereever and dont make any dirt!!

  5. Great workspace! Movebale table is wonderful idea!