creative space

not much look like a space but a decorative wooden wase.. it helps me a lot.. i put my crocheting objects or projects or yarns or needle,scissor.. it holds lots mess of mine:)
it is a gift and just not stay on the table. i put it on my works and life. it lives with me:))

for more creative space,pls visit kootoyoo's blog.
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  1. Bu yorum yazar tarafından silindi.

  2. oops - I did not mean to delete my comment!!
    here goes again...
    It's very useful to have a tray for moving from room to room - your's is lovely and organic and tactile :) I use the lid of my sewing box for small projects and a chintz n pink plastic tray from Habitat for bigger messes :)

  3. no problem dear pamela,thankx for comment:)
    yes i need a big thing for big messes ,too:)

  4. Lovely, and looks good. I have too many boxes and things, my room looks quite messy usually.

  5. How prettily you have stored your yarn - right out where you can see it and ready to get started!

  6. love the colours of those yarns. I love your blog header too, very cute!

  7. Such beautiful colours.