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1. Untitled, 2. chocolate scone, 3. Hi! I'm Yarnie! I will hold your favorite yarn!, 4. parsnips for tortilla de patatas

this time my faves are yummy things.. i found adorable photos from baking kings! especially cookie and carrots' owners accounts are great.. be careful because they are mouth watering..:)

FF is a game,want to join then click for ArtMind's blog.
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11 yorum:

  1. Mmm, yum :) Love all the earthy colors to. Lovely mosaic!

  2. love that cute yarn holder!!! and the food...

  3. the yarnholder is realy cute and mushrooms ...hmmm

  4. That yarn holder is so divine! Hmm, I feel like crocheting now! :)

  5. i havent eaten my breakfast yet..
    mmm. yummy.. lovely mosaic..