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Right now,i am thinking to "what should i crochet?"
i crocheted lots of animals
and still there are absent ones!

i draw some new things which i'll crochet in these days..
A dinosour and crocodile MUST be,because lots of people asking for!
and some fish or whale!:)
or some yummy things.. cookies,cakes,muffins,capecakes,vegetables..
list is full!

in may i have a break at my mom ,i am planing to make these all in there..

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9 yorum:

  1. oooh,love to see what comes out,
    that crocodile sounds like fun!

  2. ooo i love to see doodles of things yet to be! A whale sounds fantastic :o) or maybe a jellyfish or octopus! have fun making! cant wait to see :o)

    Chloe x

  3. oh, dinosaurs, how cool idea! Can´t wait to see more! :)

  4. ehh i love those sketches

  5. You've got lots and lots of great ideas there.

  6. Lots of super ideas and sketches. I particularly like the sound of the whale.

  7. I vote for a whale too.

  8. Happy crocheting, a crocodile sounds great! :)