23Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik ve Cocuk Bayrami


we are celebrating childrens day today in Turkey ,

which is INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY Originated in TURKEY, Recognized by UNICEF, as a gift to the children of the WORLD!

my daughter participited the painting fun which has organised by local municipality.

she painted and painted..
that is her art! she is 3 years old by the way!:)

the day is not over.. we are going to go zoo:)
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2 yorum:

  1. Wow! Cute! There always seems to be a freedom you can feel in a child's drawing.

    Children's day in April! Back where I come from Children's day is on October 1st. We always had celebration in school. No homework, no study, just a nice concert!

  2. She is lovely and her work is too!:)

    Where I come from children´s day is on the first Sunday of June.