new new

when i go out,always check my yarn shops for new yarns..

i finally found the light orange yarns,yay!

i want to take photos of my new yarns and my daughter want to be in the photo..

sat the cauge and grabbed all the yarns..
then yarns want to be free and run away from her:)

check her socks,different each other.. totally her choice,i am respectful! and if you can,see the drawing arts on her leg.. i guess she will love the tattoos-oh no God!-

5 yorum:

  1. What a cute girl! :)
    Have you teached her how to crochet yet? hehe

  2. petit and cute ze..
    best regardssss..

  3. Heeheeee... a young and hip artist to be! :D
    I love the yarns, especially the light orange one. Lucky u. :)

  4. Adorable little girl:) She looks fine:)