Hello March!

WooHoooo! winter is over and Spring has came! we have sunny days for two days.. sun is givin energy to every creatures and
me :)

i am thinking springy in these days..

little busy bees are flying around. thinking of them.. how hardworking they are..
insprires me a lot..

couldn't help my self to crochet these little buddies..

they are friendly,fat and totally cute..

one of them sat on my palm and looked me in eye.. and give a big smile..

then met to other bee and two bumblebees talked about the flowers :)

i love them too much.. while crocheting them ,talked to them about how cutie they are and my hubby looked at me like "ohh she is getting more crazy" hehehe..

anyway i love my creastures.. Bumblebees are available in my shop!

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  1. So adorable! I just made a bumblebee lanyard last week. Very spring!

  2. Yay Spring has come! Su cute bumble bee:) Your designs are adorable!

  3. These are so adorable.. your very good. Wish i had the time to crochet like that. lol