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it has been 24 days after got an order and finally i finished them all..
look what did i crocheted,

5 Reindeer Birds
5 Valentine Birds
5 Bunny Birds
and 8 owls (4 grey 4 brown)
i love my birds but they will fly to their new house in these days..

having a custom order is fun but sometimes gives me stomachache and makes me nervous. "if i crochet and finished them in time?!" thanks God no problem had and finished all my orders..
now free as a bird:))

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13 yorum:

  1. Oh they are look so sweet together:) Geçmiş olsun canım ellerine sağlık:)

  2. Oh wow, what a fab collection! So good that you're a free bird again! :)

  3. They are soooo cute,
    in any occation:)

  4. Oh, they all are really super cute, but the owls are my favourite!! :)

  5. Oh, I really love them!! Just gorgeous

  6. wow they look gorgeous, 24 days for 20 little creatures is pretty good work in my books. especially love those reindeer birds

  7. oh sweety.. a lovely collection.. well done..

  8. cuteness overload here! great job, Sabah!

  9. mammoth effort - they all look great

  10. Aww! What a cute birds! Very nice design!