Red-Green Combination

it has been long time,i know,but the works i have to do never ended:) still thinking off cleaning house,crocheting new toys and else..

this little lady is my shop new visitor... looks like little red riding hood hah?! :)

i love red and green combination too much. if you remember the movie "sweet november" charlize was wearing red skirt,green coat -or opposite:)-and looked faboulous!

Here are some talented etsians who has red-green items on their shop..

from Periay -roses

from evihan - ring

from Amanda -earing

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4 yorum:

  1. It is indeed a great color combination and she is very sweet, as are all your creations!

  2. Thank you very much. It is really nice combination..

  3. ooo superb...thank you sooo sooo muchhh for including my ringgg:-)


  4. I love red and green combination. maybe I will make something red and green for my next item.