Valentine Preview

i and my shop ready for valentine's day, also i had sales:)
i preapered a valentine collection, the symbol of love "love birds" in white and red.. and also they have a big warm heart on their chest!
so when you give this item to that speacial one, you are saying " my love is over on me, it is big and with passion" :)
how adorable..

i also crocheted little hearts.. you can put them in to your gift packages,or decorate your room,table or shelf.. or you can use them as an ornament... or stitch them on a headbad, bag,blouse,hat... all up to your imagine..

All of them is ready in my etsy shop!
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6 yorum:

  1. aw, i love your little valentine birds and hearts :))

  2. I've just found you & soo glad i did! your shop is beautiful! (^_^)

    Love the hearts :o)

    Chloe x

  3. maisy,thanks dear:)

    chole, welcome and nice to meet you:)

  4. I love them all! They are so lovely and cute!

  5. i love them.. so cute items..

  6. Oh my gosh, those are ADORABLE!!!